Elite Fat Burner Review

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 You have got to try this.. I stumbled on this by accident so I  read into it AND IM GLAD I DID… I am very active and like to stay fit.. I le to take something to help with my work out, especially when I’m just not feeling the 100% workout mode. This gives me the boost and burn that I need. It doesn’t give me a feeling of anxiety or jittery like some fat burners do, which I’m happy about. It’s just right. I do wish it would speed up my weight loss just a bit but I know it’s not a magic pill. I started at 138 and  with normal workout and eating I am down to 131 in 2 weeks. I will continue these and watch my progression, I also like to switch it up every month so my body does not get immune to them.. #elitefatburner #reallyworks #getyourrunning

Any questions just ask 🙂

Heres the link to purchase it or check it out.. http://amztk.com/fatburner

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 This is the coolest site I have found to get GOOOOD FREE items. It’s a try and review, it’s totally legit and. No spam.. I’ve gotten so much, ex. Colgate whitening products, @johnfrieda friZz products @skinfix repair hand cream, check it out #freebies#voxbox #ilovefreebies

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My cool sample site

smliey 360 is this really cool site I have came upon and have received many of free samples trials of different items. They are surveys and questionnaires that will suit what samples are right for you. You can get in the camp paint dry them and let your family, Facebook , and smiley community know all about your experience 🙂

 Check it out for your self



My truly Amazing review AMAZING COSMETICS


I recently started using this AmazingConcealer and love it so much that I wanted to review it with you.

First of many positive sides is that the company refrains from testing their products on innocent animals ❤️❤️ . They use safe ingredients with no Junk ingredients. 

They focus on erasing our imperfections and perfect shade matching.  It provides full yet weightless coverage with just the smallest dab. It’s smooth application makes this one of my top favorite concealer. It’s waterproof which makes It lasts all day without the need to reapply. 

They have 20 different shades in the concealer so everyone can find the perfect shade. I went to my local Sephora to color match me. 

At Sephora they showed me how to contour my face using the concealer, along with other items, to complete the look. I LOVE CONTOURING MY FACE. It’s fun and easy.

Check it out at sephora, Ulta, or online amazingcosmetics.com 


VEGAN macarons!



I kid you not!

And the best part is that they are made with a simple, cheap, easy to find ingredient. No expensive specialty products or trips to the healthfood store required.

vegan macarons

I stumbled across this recipe for eggless vegan meringue made with the liquid from a can of chickpeas instead of egg whites, and immediately my mind went to macarons… because it frequently goes there, in case you hadn’t noticed 😉

I am kinda married to the Italian meringue method for macaron making, so I thought I’d experiment with that, then would play around with the French meringue version if that failed. But it didn’t fail. Not by a long shot! The structure is just perfect – crisp shell and chewy interior, little feet, domed tops. Everything you want in a macaron, but without the eggs 🙂

I had absolutely no idea that the liquid from a can of…

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