Simply ground peanut butter

Omg the deliciousNess of the new Peter Pans simply ground peanut butter was simply amazing.  I was very happy when influenster picked me to try and review the new Peter Pan Simply Ground peanut butter 

simply ground

I like its distinctive packaging, I’d already spotted Simply Ground from previous visits it’s not tall which makes it a good stacker item , it’s wide mouth jar allows me to scoop with out a messy hand. Simply Ground is a sweetened peanut butter made with very finely ground peanuts.

simply ground

Compared to regular chunky peanut butter, it’s a bit easier to spread and less likely to tear bread. In addition, Simply Ground is a no-stir peanut butter, so if you are among the segment of folks who don’t like to stir the oil that separates from the ground peanuts, this one’s for you. Described as “creamy with a bit of crunch”, Simply Ground is all about texture.  Its taste really was simply amazing . Only thing I Would have changed are the extra added ingredients,  but other than that it’s all natural ingredients.  

Thanks influenster for the #snackwithsimple box 


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