I was able to try these pills at a discounted price for my honest review. I was pleased to say they are better than most slimming pills ive tried. unlike most pills these DO NOT give me those wired shakes and feeling of anxiousness. They help me with my mid day cravings and i feel content with the amount of food i can eat throughout the day. It helped my drop about 5lbs in a month but i was hoping for more. I might have to up the dose. I will update more once Im better on taking them on a regular basis 🙂
Now I can’t say this is for everyone. We all have different issues that are effecting us causing us to lack energy and or not lose weight. Seeing a doctor would be most beneficial to find out what it is that your body needs then finding supplements that work with your needs. I can say this is doing exactly what I want and though the weight is coming off slowly I know it will come off because my energy is back! #zendaslim




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