Simply ground peanut butter

Omg the deliciousNess of the new Peter Pans simply ground peanut butter was simply amazing.  I was very happy when influenster picked me to try and review the new Peter Pan Simply Ground peanut butter 

simply ground

I like its distinctive packaging, I’d already spotted Simply Ground from previous visits it’s not tall which makes it a good stacker item , it’s wide mouth jar allows me to scoop with out a messy hand. Simply Ground is a sweetened peanut butter made with very finely ground peanuts.

simply ground

Compared to regular chunky peanut butter, it’s a bit easier to spread and less likely to tear bread. In addition, Simply Ground is a no-stir peanut butter, so if you are among the segment of folks who don’t like to stir the oil that separates from the ground peanuts, this one’s for you. Described as “creamy with a bit of crunch”, Simply Ground is all about texture.  Its taste really was simply amazing . Only thing I Would have changed are the extra added ingredients,  but other than that it’s all natural ingredients.  

Thanks influenster for the #snackwithsimple box 


Seventh generation detergent 

I made the switch to this amazing detergent. One of the only brands that is true to what they say.

im able to try a sample of this for free an honest review:)

Matcha goodness

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I was able to try this matcha tea for a discounted price in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.. Loving this matcha tea. It’s so tasty and healthy. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but I like a kick start in the morning. Hot tea is sometimes just to hot to drink(living in Florida it’s 80 all year round). This tea has a ton of good caffeine without the jitters or shakes.. I can’t get enough of this matcha.. 

It’s also so easy and convenient to use, I make it in the morning with my protein shaker bottle and go. If you haven’t friend matcha tea, YOU NEED TOO;) 

I was so excited to try matcha tea and even more excited how great tasting it was, 100% satisfied!!! 

I found it on Amazon


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I was able to try these pills at a discounted price for my honest review. I was pleased to say they are better than most slimming pills ive tried. unlike most pills these DO NOT give me those wired shakes and feeling of anxiousness. They help me with my mid day cravings and i feel content with the amount of food i can eat throughout the day. It helped my drop about 5lbs in a month but i was hoping for more. I might have to up the dose. I will update more once Im better on taking them on a regular basis 🙂
Now I can’t say this is for everyone. We all have different issues that are effecting us causing us to lack energy and or not lose weight. Seeing a doctor would be most beneficial to find out what it is that your body needs then finding supplements that work with your needs. I can say this is doing exactly what I want and though the weight is coming off slowly I know it will come off because my energy is back! #zendaslim


Cloud 9 sheets 

So I bought these for my parents for their anniversary and of course when they came I opened the bag and felt them. They were so soft and the color was just as nice.tbey fit the bed perfectly. my parents already put them on their bed and they love them. In
I bought a pair for myself. So happy I did, they feel like I’m sleeping on clouds..

The best part about them is they stay on the bed and don’t slip off the corners. That’s the worse when sheets do that. #NestlSheets
check them out on Amazon

Home microdermabrasion 

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loving my new tool for a quick microdermabrasion without spending $100 every time.

I use to get a facial every few months. I have a few acne scars around my T zone area from my high school years 😦 I absolutely hate them. I’ve heard microdermabrasion helps with them so I got a package deal. It’s so expensive but it did help(by the third round) I still have noticable marks on my cheeks. Didn’t feel like spending more and more $ and I’m not ready for laser!! I heard about products you can use at home. I got the PMD.  Check it out here  #minimd #beforeandafter loving it 🙂imageimageimageimage

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The new CALVIN KLEIN Eternity NOW

Well I am so glad I got to try these from @influenster because these are the BOMB SMELLING. I am very happy with the smell of BOTH eternity’s it is not to strong that you get a migraine but just right that it lasts and smells good all day. Now I am very picky on smells I pick for my husband and I(happy wife happy life) and I enjoy smelling this on him. If you liked the regular eternity, or even if you didn’t, you will love the Eternity NOW. I think it smells better than the regular Eternity. This is definitely worth trying:) gotta love CK#influenster #eternitynowbox